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Did you know a residential elevator increases your home’s value? Family 1st only installs traction elevators and lifts. These lifts save on space and energy costs compared to hydraulic systems.

Crystal Home Elevator
by RAM

Looking to install a home elevator?
Ask yourself these

Key Questions

  • Has climbing the stairs in your home become an unsafe or scary endeavour?
  • Have you a loved one with special needs or who uses a wheelchair?
  • Looking for an easy way to transport heavy goods, such as furniture, from floor to floor?
  • Is your new or existing home 3 or 4 levels?
  • Are you looking to increase your home’s value?

Crystal Elevator Specs

Lifting CapacityUp to 1400lbs
Travel SpeedUp to 50ft/min
Travel DistanceUp to 50ft

*Save on space and energy costs with electric traction lifts from Family 1st.

The Crystal Elevator requires only a 3″ depression or ramp where other products require a 6 – 12″ pit.

Pit-less Design

home elevator diagram

Customize your Elevator

Learn more about the process of installing a home elevator.