Installing an elevator or traction lift

The Process

We provide our elevator customers with the information they need to select the right lift for their specific application.

Professional Lift Installer

Devin Oliver

When you give Devin a call, here are some of the questions he will ask:

1. In what type of building do you wish to install an elevator or stairlift?
2. Will the lift be indoors or on the outside of the building?
3. Is this a residential or commercial property?
4. Is it new construction or will it be a renovation installation?
5. What type of lift product are you considering?
6. How many floors need to be accessed?
7. What do you want to achieve by installing the lift?
8. Have you researched what is available for lift products?
9. If the project is new construction is it a custom home?
10. Are there cement floors or a basement?
11. Do you have a budget?
12. Do you have a contractor who you wish to work with?
13. Do you have a time line on the installation?

Compare the products we install

Lift Comparison Chart

Please note: We do not install the LULA lift. We install ALL other RAM lifts.