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Foot Care

Family 1st provides foot care for all ages. Foot Care services are available by calling New Minas and Yarmouth locations....

footcare250pxNurses provide assessment, care and advice for clients, including the elderly and people with diabetes, who have particular problems looking after their feet. Care includes clipping nails, treating corns, calluses, ingrown nails or thickened nails and preventative care as well as referral to other health professionals.

NOTE: Our New Minas clinic is an Advanced Foot Care Clinic.  Our Nurse can see Diabetics and those who require more specialize foot care.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call 1-902-681-0202.

The Purpose of Foot Care

footcare-services250pxDuring an average lifetime, each person walks about 115,000 miles and three-quarters of people have foot problems at some point in their lives.

Foot problems can arise from wearing ill-fitting shoes, from general wear and tear, as a result of injury, or as a complication of disease. People with diabetes mellitus or circulatory diseases are 20 times more likely to have foot problems than the general public.

Problems with the feet include foot pain, joint inflammation, plantar warts, fungal infections (like athlete's foot), nerve disorders, torn ligaments, broken bones, bacterial infections, and tissue injuries (like frostbite). (Definition c/o of the


Podiatrist Caroline Leverett

Family 1st Medical New Minas is pleased to provide the services of a Podiatrist.  Arriving in Canada  from Britain, Caroline Leverett has become a permanent resident, joining our Family 1st team of professionals in June 2014. Caroline, who has her Masters of Science from the University of Brighton as well as her podiatric qualifications, has extensive training in diabetic management and wound care.  She also lectured at Plymouth University in Britain and taught post graduate classes there on topics including diabetes. She is also a member in good standing with the Nova Scotia Podiatry Association.

Caroline will work closely with our orthotic provider Biotech Orthotic Design and our compression therapy fitters and footcare nurse to provide comprehensive and superior footcare services to Valley residents.


Caroline at work  A Podiatrist can:
 -Assess patients and offer a diagnosis and prognosis

 -Provide footcare advice and provide a treatment plan
 -Assess for and manufacture orthotics
 -Participate in nail surgery and perform partial and total nail removal
 -Treat vascular and neurological disorders
 -Work with those with rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes


  Many services provided are covered by private healthcare insurance. To find out more call Family 1st Medical today at 902-681-0202 and we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.