Manual, Tilt-inSpace and Power


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Manual Wheelchairs

Folding WheelChair

Manual wheelchairs are a very practical method to increase an individual’s daily activities, to make life simpler and eventually a lot more fun.

Manual wheelchairs give the user more range of motion than ever. Distinctively for those who wish to continue a dynamic lifestyle, take part in sporting activities or spend time traveling.

They can be conveniently folded due to lightweight construction, space-preserving design, and can be kept in a compact compartment within most vehicles, making transportation quick with little to no stress on the body.

*Family 1st offers various folding wheelchairs from quality manufactures including (but not limited too) Motion Composites, Maple Leaf, Drive Medical and Ki Mobility.

Tilt In Space Wheelchair

Tilt-In Space wheelchairs offer a wide array of clinical benefits. From pressure reduction through better positioning and weight shifting to reducing stress on the body by the upgraded seating surfaces that promote posture and support.

Tilt chairs are typically prescribed by an occupational therapist.

Maneuverability at your fingertips

Power Chairs

Power chairs are often a more suitable option for those who are physically unable to use a manual wheelchair. Power chairs are available in a wide array of seat widths, depths and heights, and feature a number of armrest, leg rest and seating options. Power chairs can offer various control options for the user such as a joystick, proximity switches, sip-n-puff, head arrays, infrared switches and magnetic angle sensors just to name a few.

Before considering a power chair be sure to consult with an occupational or physical therapist.


  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • Exceptional performance and value
  • Standard 4-pole motors
  • Full rehab capability
  • Comprehensive warranty

Q6 Edge 2.0 Power Chair


  • Designed for excellent outdoor performance
  • Compact size for outstanding maneuverability
  • Maximum speed of up to 6 MPH
  • High-performance, high-efficiency motors
  • Accepts a wide range of seating and positioning systems
  • Sliding battery tray for easy access
  • Two suspension packages available

Rival (Rugged Rear-Wheel Drive)