Personal Emergency Response Systems

Having peace of mind and added safety for you or your loved one is now easier than ever. Family 1st Medical offers three types of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) designed to meet your needs. All three models of PERS are available at any of our six Family 1st Medical locations. With a touch of a button, help is on the way.

Standard Pendant:

For those with a regular landline phone who are looking for protection in and round the home.

Standard Pendant Features:

  • Base unit connects to a regular landline telephone
  • Each unit is synced to a wireless pendant worn on the wrist or around the neck
  • Help is called by manually pushing the button on the pendant, creating more freedom and portability in and around the home
  • Up to 1000 feet of transmitter range which allows emergencies to be reported from inside or outside your home within the specified range. (Range is tested at setup with client inside and outside the home.)
  • Two-way voice capability allows for easy communication with the monitoring centre
  • The console unit comes in two different styles, both having the same features
  • Console has a large “HELP” button
  • Braille labels provided for the HELP, HOME and CANCEL buttons
  • Backup battery allows emergencies to be reported up to 24 hrs during a power outage
  • Capability for multiple pendants to be synced to the unit at once
  • Pendant and console battery status are observed daily by the monitoring centre
  • Installation of the unit takes approximately one hour
  • Pendants are water resistant & can be used in the bath and shower
  • No equipment to purchase & no long term commitment

Fall Detect Pendant:

Offers the same features as the standard pendant with the added protection of fall detection.

Fall Detect Pendant Features:

  • With about one third of people over the age of 65 experiencing a fall each year, the Fall Detection Pendant detects falls and automatically sends a response to the monitoring centre. This pendant also allows the user to push the button themselves, just as you would with the standard pendant
  • Available in pendant form which is worn around the neck

Active Lifestyle Pendant with GPS

No landline – no problem! Be protected anywhere
there is cellular coverage. Great for those who are
independent and on the go.

Active Lifestyle Pendant with GPS Features:

  • No landline phone service necessary
  • No equipment to purchase and no long term commitment
  • Detects falls & automatically contacts the monitoring centre
  • Option to press the pendant button to connect yourself to the monitoring centre
  • Two-way hands-free voice communication through the pendant
  • GPS network location services to determine your location
  • Wear as a pendant around your neck or on your belt
  • Water resistant – can be used in the bath and shower
  • Charger included

Family 1st will deliver & setup your PERS

Family 1st technicians take the time to ensure our clients are comfortable with their PERS. Although it is quite easy to use, many people feel more comfortable having someone come to their home to install it, show them how to use it and answer their questions. Proximity testing can also be done at this time. (There is a one time installation fee of $35.00 + tax). If you prefer, you also have the option to pickup your PERS system from your local Family 1st Medical location.

PERS from Family 1st Medical are monitored 24/7 by Armstrong’s Communication in Dartmouth, NS. They are a team of professionals trained to manage emergency situations.

A personal emergency response system is a proactive step in safeguarding loved ones. Contact a Family 1st location near you.